5 things need to notice when using PP Straps for packaging

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    Comsumers always think that products are made from plastic is not good and plastic items are almost everywhere around in the family, workplace, school,… Therefore, you want to restrict or replace by others material because plastic could affect to your family's health. The good new is, not all products are made from plastic is not good, it depends on the material that makes it.

    Plastic products make an important role in the daily life so it is hard to replace all of items around you by others material. Instead of replacing, consumer should focus on the hazard index which is label right on the products.

    1. Code 1 PET or PETE (Polyethylene Terehthalate)

 - This material is used to produce disposable plastic products. It’s can be reused or holding hot food because it might release poison which can affect indirectly to heath. PET is not good on antibiotic. Harmful temperature is 700c.

    2. Code 2 HDPE (high density polyethylene)

 - Plastic PE has a high density (HDPE), it’s safer than PET and can be reused but if it’s not necessary, you should limit using this plastic. Harmful temperature is 1100c

    3. Code 3 PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

 - Mainly to produce plastic plumber, raincoat, food containers. PCV contain phthalates, this thing could cause hormonal disorders which make birth defects in children. PCV also release carcinogen which is very harmful to human health. Harmful temperature is 810c

    4. Code 4 LDPE (Low density Polyethylene)

 - The items are often seen as plastic bag, laundry bag, garbage bag. LDPE is safer than PCV and can be reused.

    5. Code 5 PP (Polypropylene)

 - PP is a safe plastic, you can reuse. PP is use for produce bottle, jar, PP straps, straws, yogurt box … You also can put PP products in the microwave without worrying

    6. Code 5 PS (Polystyrene)

 - Using some products which require high hardness and disposable items. PS can cause polio in because of PS’s styrene.

    7. Code 7 OTHERS

 - Products which are labeled code 7 could produce from toxic materials like polycarboate, nylon, acrylic, ….

     Note: Code 2,4,5 have higher safety than others. Code 1 just safe when you use for once, code 7 should use when it is labeled “bioplastic” or “BPA free”.


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