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Strap PP

    Strap PP (polypropylene strapping) is currently the most common used plastic strapping. The later developed Strap PET is of a better quality but this is also noticeable in the price. Strap PP meets the required properties, such as tensile strength, elasticity and tension loss for many applications without failure. Recognition: Polypropylene is often dull and usually has a checkered profile and is available in a few standard colors, black, bleu, white and yellow.

    Strap PP is in the longitudinal direction easy to tear, and the specific gravity is lower than that of PET strap. PP strap stays afloat on water. Further background information about PP and PET strap is available here.


    The strap is secured by a heat weld, but also by making use of a buckle, depending on the application and the volume, with a hand-held device, strapping tool (semi-automatic) or a strapping machine(fully automatic).

    Strap pp is classified according to the table below in core diameter, is available in various widths, from 5 mm, thickness from 0,35 mm and the core diameter begins at 150 mm. The tensile strenght is determined in particular by the width and the thickness of the strap.




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